In this wonderful world of ours, we each picture our future as youngsters differently. We see ourselves differently, expect ourselvs to reach our goals and live life happily ever after.

For some it happens, for others, a few mountains get in the way of our view and it's hard to see where we are going and where we may end up.

If you had told me 11 years ago that today I would be living on a lake in South Carolina....I would have said you were crazy and NO WAY!!!!

But, here I am living a dream. I have always wanted to live on the water, fish all day and sit by a campfire at night. Now some might say how can you say "You're living your dream" when you are caregiving for someone with an incurable disease? The answer to that is very simple...

No, Parkinson's was not in the plan, it wasn't in my dream, nor the dream of Jim's. We have adapted. Adaptation is the BIG word when dealing with Parkinson's, from both sides as caregiver and patient. As a patient you are always trying to adapt to whatever issue is rearing it's ugly head that day. As a caregiver, you are adapting to whatever issue is rearing it's ugly head that day. You both are using your skills to overcome whatever may be.

My dream of living on the water, fishing all day and sitting by the campfire might not all be a daily event, but I am still living it!!!!

Life doesn't end with Parkinson's Disease, it's a beginning. Learning and educating yourself about the disease, meeting new folks who are going through the same thing and seeing a new perpsective on life itself. You realize that life is really shorter than you think, that the possibility of other dreams you had may not be coming true, but, you still see things from a new view. The sunrise, the sunset, the joy of true friends, the ones that hang with you through all the side effects, up times and down times. You learn that certain medicines aren't always the answer and again you adapt.

Even if you think you are ok financially, things come up that cloud that vision. When diagnosed with Parkinson's you know sometime down the line you will not be able to work. You can plan ahead if you have time....if you have time...

Even the best laid plans of men...well you know...they don't always work...

A dream can still be a dream....it doesn't have to be a nightmare

Take each day as a new day...with new events....with a more beautiful sunrise than the day before and a new world of adaptation can take place...

Pick your battles....that's the stradegy...leave those in the dust that don't want to join in the dream and pursue with all your heart and soul ...your dream...



01/12/2013 8:11am

I totally agree! So nice not to feel alone fighting against PD but moreover that most of us keep on dreaming!

10/09/2013 6:33am

Dreams need a action and hard work then and only your dream come true and help you to get success.


I completely agree with you, we live with a hope to achieve our goal and finally one day we achieve it.

03/21/2013 8:24am

Everyone of us have some or the other Dream or goal to achieve. And of course the method differs as it can't be same. Some have to face certain problems while some achieve it easily. I would suggest please don't give up easily.

03/28/2013 12:41am

Every one should have dream but something which is possible. And should try till end. In the start we will face some problems but at the end you will surely achieve it.

03/29/2013 3:43am

Good to know that after taking so much of efforts finally you achieved your goal and living your dream.

07/23/2013 2:54am

Everyone think about themselves always, even though they pretend family comes first or something else comes first. 90% of the humans think about themselves first and work for our own goals. That is a common nature of man.

06/03/2014 12:01am

These information helps me consider some useful things, keep up the good work.


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